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Here Are 20 Ways to Turn Women On

Reach out to her from behind and wrap your arms around her

Guys, you don’t need to be the main what turns women on in a romantic comedy to attract the girl of your dreams.

To keep her coming back, you just have to do small things every day.

Although it is common to believe that women are difficult to please, the truth of the matter is that they only want small gestures and love.

Women don’t need grand plots or big ovations to win their love. These everyday activities will keep your woman interested if you want to win her over.

Before we go into the 20 things that can be done to make a woman fall in love with you, here are 5 characteristics that women look for in a man.

Five Attractive Qualities Girls Want in a Guy

Men make the common mistake of thinking of women as if they were bosses in a videogame. If you do the right moves, you can conquer her and make her yours.

It is important to recognize what women want in a partner and what they are most attracted to in a man.

These are five of the most important qualities that women look for in men.

  1. what turns women-on – Being assertive – This is not to be confused with being a jerk. Being assertive means being clear about what you want. This can be anything from your next five years of work to your dinner plans. Do not be afraid to make a decision, and then stick with it. Women love to know that their man is trustworthy.

2) Curiosity – Is there anything boringer than a partner who isn’t interested in learning? Being curious is important because it shows your partner that you aren’t going to stagnate (and make her stagnant). It’s also more attractive to be curious about your partner.

3) Emotional Presence-You must be committed physically, mentally, as well as emotionally. Listen to your date when they share a story. Do not let your date wander off. They have given you their time so make sure you are grateful. Don’t be afraid of sharing your stories and emotions with them; they are just as interested in you being vulnerable as you are.

4) what turns women on Stability- Financial stability is important but there’s more than just what you have in your pocket. That’s what women want. Relationship stability is linked to emotional stability. You will be more attractive to your partner the more mature you are about what you can control and the less you accept that you cannot control everything.

5) Equality – It’s not 1950 anymore. Women want to know that they are dating someone from the 21st century. This means that they must acknowledge and exercise their equal rights in the relationship. Do not try to dominate them verbally or physically. Talk to them even if they seem wrong. Let them know that you are open to listening and willing to change.

20 things you can immediately do to make a woman happy

Reach out to her from behind and wrap your arms around her1. Reach out to her from behind and wrap your arms around her.

Nothing can beat the feeling of your man coming up to you and wrapping his arms around you.

No matter if she’s looking out the window or on the phone, walking up to her and wrapping your arms around will make her smile.

This will give her the impression that you are ready to protect her. It is great for her self-esteem.

Research has shown that women who feel good about their bodies and themselves is a key factor in sexual satisfaction.

2. Publicly massage her shoulders.

Women know that men don’t want to show affection in public. You don’t need to kiss her every street corner to make an impression.

If she is feeling cold, you can massage her shoulders as she waits in line.

3. Make her coffee.

You’ll get your girl when she wakes up to find the coffee has been made. This is especially true for girls who hate mornings.

You can give her one less thing to do to get ready in the morning.

4. Take care of her hand.

You can touch her hand, no matter if you’re having dinner at home or in a restaurant. It will melt her heart and make her lady bits swoon.

You’ll feel like the best man on the planet if you hold her hand as you enter a room or walk down the street.

Research shows that touch is a key component of human relationships. It increases the production of oxytocin (the love hormone).

Matt Hertenstein is an experimental psychologist at DePauw University, Indiana.

“Oxytocin, a neuropeptide that promotes feelings such as devotion, trust and bonding, is called Oxytocin. It is the basic biological structure and foundation for connecting with other people.

You will be amazed at how their bodies reveal their attraction. You’ll find them reaching out to touch you, brushing your hair, or laughing while they hug you – all in the name of being near you.

This is a great example how touching can make you appear like a gentleman.

“If you are walking near one another, he will place his hand on your small back to help you navigate through noisy bars or parties. He wants to prove that he is a man and show it to all men. It’s also a way for him to touch you while still looking like a gentleman.

5. Cuddle.

Do you want to be her forever? what turns women on Cuddle up to her. You don’t have to do it in a sexual way, although that can be great at the moment, but rather in an “I just want you” manner.

It’s a great way for you to bond with your daughter and make her feel special.

Kathryn Hall, a psychologist, suggested that while men approach sex as a means to experience intimacy and pleasure, women view desire and sex as an outcome of emotional connection.

6. Place your hand under her knees.

Show your affection by showing her what turns women on how much you care by placing little touches under the table.

While you’re at dinner, you can simply rub her back or put your hand on her leg.

This is a great way for you to connect with others and remind her that you care.

7. Be friends with her family.

Do you want to win her over? what turns women on Get to know her dad and brothers. She will be forever grateful if you are able to spend time with her family and get along.

It’s not easy to bring a man home to her parents. But if you are willing to take the initiative to make her feel at ease, it will be worth it.

8. Eye contact is essential in a room.

Lock eyes with her in a room during a party to keep her interested and guessing. When you’re not near her, look for her and smile when you see her.

In a room with everyone else, let her know that you value her.

9. Take her stuff.

Do things that are not typical for her if you want her to take charge.

Hold the doors open for her, take out the chair and set the table before she sits down.

You can do everything for her, and she will be impressed by your guy.

10. Move with her.

This is the last thing you can do for a woman to get her on board. what turns women on  Ask her to dance if you want to make her fall in love again and lock it down.

We know that you guys don’t like dancing. It’s not a secret. She does. Girls love to dance.

If you want to win her affection again and again, then take her on a spin around the dance floor.

You get extra bonus points if your partner can dance or is learning how to dance. But just trying it out is a great way to keep things exciting in your relationship.

11. You can be the cook, cleaner or kitchen keeper.

According to society, it’s been some time since a woman was responsible for the kitchen. However, many women still have the responsibility of managing a household.

Your girl will be tired from a long day. She won’t want to come home and make you dinner.

You can turn her on and give her the energy and motivation to make a difference in her life by helping out in the kitchen.

You will cook meals for her, clean up after the dinner, and ensure that your fridge is always stocked each week.

These things don’t have to be told. You can just start doing them.

12. Share your food.

Offer half of the food or drink to her if you want her attention and make her see you differently.

Grab a cup of coffee. Give her a cup of coffee or half a cup.

Even though women today are independent and don’t feel inferior to men, it doesn’t mean they don’t want to have their needs met.

She will be yours forever if you show her love what turns women on  and care in ways that don’t diminish her independence.

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