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Who am I ? : 15 examples of answers to help you improve your self

who am i

1001 possible answers to the question “Who am I?”

Although it sounds simple, this question has a complex answer.

The person asking the question and how deep you want it to go will determine your answer.

In an interview, or on a date with someone you are asking “who am I?” is likely to be more descriptive than philosophical.

On another level, however, we are more able to understand ourselves and become more intelligent. Aristotle said, “Knowing oneself is the beginning to all wisdom.”

These “who am I?” example answers will help you get to know yourself better and allow you to dig deeper into your true self.

Why is the question “Who am I?” so difficult?

It is how we define and see ourselves. It is how we define ourselves and create our reality.

I am my name, I am my job, I am my relationships, I am my network, I am my sexuality, I am my affiliations, I am my hobbies.

These are just a few of the labels you can use to describe yourself. Although many of these labels can give you clues and pointers about who you are, the information is still very limited.

Answering “Who am I?” is difficult because of the social roles that you play in your life, such as being an accountant, a father, or a brother, but they don’t reveal the core of who you are. It doesn’t matter if you list your hobbies or interests.

Crosswords and anime watching are two of your favorite pastimes. While this may give others a glimpse of you, it is not your whole self.

The real juicy stuff is often below the surface if you are looking for self-knowledge or more interesting conversations.

We are more than the everyday categories. What makes us tick is beyond what we do.

It often includes our interests, preferences, characteristics, choices and values that help us to be who we really are.

These are the things that help us understand our complex identities.


who am i1 What lights you up?

Perhaps figuring out what lights you up is the key to finding your purpose in life .

“The mystery of human existence is not just in staying alive but in finding something to be happy for.” — Fyodor Tostoyevsky

What kind of work could I do for free? What are you passionate about and can you work on it for hours? You are unique in the things that make us happy.

2 What drains you?

There are many things that can drain your energy. It could be bad habits like scrolling through your phone at 2 am when you should be asleep or taking everything personally when it is clear you need to let go.

It is important to identify the people and things that are our energy drainers and help us see who we really are.

3 What is the most important thing in my life?

Determine your values by asking yourself what is most important to you.

Sometimes, it takes time to clarify your priorities and then you can see where your actions and words are not aligning.

Most of the time, what we think is important doesn’t reflect in how we spend our time.

Your values should guide your priorities. This will then be a gauge of how life is going.

Often, when we feel stuck, frustrated or unhappy, we realize that we aren’t living up to our values.

4) Who is the most important person in my life?

The relationships we build are one of the greatest mirrors in our lives. Your identity is a collaboration between you and the many people you meet.

It has been shaped by your parents, the people who loved you and the people who hurt you.

Relationships shape who we are, what we want to do, and where we belong.

What is causing me stress5) What is causing me stress?

Stress is the body’s reaction to pressure. This is precisely why stress can reveal a lot about us.

It can happen when you have to deal with something new, something unforeseeable, or when you feel out of control.

How we deal with stress can tell a lot about who we are. The Yale School of Medicine says that stress has existed since the beginning of humankind, but everyone experiences it differently.

6 What is my definition of success?

It is possible to become successful in your life. But what does success look like?

For some success may be fame, money, or recognition. Others see success as having a lasting legacy that has a positive impact on the world and helping others.

It’s not always about the big wins. Some of life’s most satisfying successes come from humble pursuits like raising a family and creating loving relationships.

Fulfillment in success is about pursuing your definition of success, not another’s.

7) Why am I angry?

Anger doesn’t have to be all bad. Instead of trying to brush it under the rug, we have a lot to learn from what drives us crazy.

Anger can be powerful in many situations. It can fuel strength and courage to defend the causes you believe in. It highlights the positive behaviors and social causes that we are passionate about.

Finding out what makes you angry can help you find your passion.

8 What motivates me to get out of bed each morning?

What gets you out of bed each morning, other than a repeat of the alarm for half an hour and a gallon of coffee?

Finding your motivations is key to success and purpose. Similar to success, if you try to emulate someone else’s model, it will not last.

Stephen Covey is the author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. He says: “Motivation comes from within. It is possible that someone else will try to light the fire under your feet, but it will likely burn very quickly.

9 What is relaxing to me?

Everyone is susceptible to stress. Therefore, everyone needs to learn how to de-stress.

Relaxing is difficult, especially in this digital age. Experts suggest that many of us have lost the ability to relax, and are now spending so much time glued to our screens.

In the Guardian newspaper David Morgan, a psychoanalyst, said:

10 What brings you joy?

Ever feel like figuring out what makes you happy is as difficult as figuring out who you really are?

Linda Esposito, a psychotherapist, says that happiness is hard because we sometimes get it wrong.

Life is all about feeling good. We try to avoid suffering and seek external validation and rewards.

“We may have happy moments and blissful memories. But life is all about the journey and the enjoyment of the steps.”

11 What scares you?

We are most afraid of the flashing lights that constantly flash in our inner psyche.

My favorite things are drugs, roller coasters, and getting close to someone. All of them have one thing in common: they all trigger my fear that I will lose control.

You may be a perfectionist who is afraid of public speaking. According to research, you might be more imaginative and creative if you are afraid of the dark.

Your greatest fears reflect your personality.

12 What’s the matter with me?

A little bit of curiosity is an important ingredient to any life path.

Human beings have a unique ability to learn, which has been vital to our evolution as a species.

Neoteny, a childlike curiosity that is known in science as Neoteny, allows us to explore and make progress.

Tom Stafford is a psychologist and cognitive scientist. “Evolution made humans the ultimate learning machine, and the ultimate learning machine must be oiled with curiosity.”

13 What are my failures?

You’ve likely heard the expression failure, feedback. Sometimes our biggest failures are also our greatest opportunities and disappointments.

While failure can cause some pain in the short-term failure can be a learning experience that will ultimately lead to success in our lives.

There are many people in the world who refuse to be defined by their failures, but instead use past failures as a fuel for success.

14 What keeps you awake at night?

We can see what keeps us awake at night and make changes to our lives, even if we just need to stop drinking caffeine after 5 pm.

It doesn’t matter if you are chasing after a different life, whether it be daydreams (quitting your 9-5 job, moving to another country, finding love), or worrying about the future.

What we do at night when it is dark and quiet can reveal a lot about our personalities.

15 What disappoints you?

It is often how we manage expectations that determines how we deal with disappointment. When our expectations and hopes about a situation are not met, it is called disappointment.

While some people seek to avoid disappointment, they become underachievers. Others try to avoid it by becoming overachievers.

Our biggest fears and beliefs as well as those about others are reflected in the disappointments we experience.

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