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12 Sign Why Guys Want Women – Lets Speak Truly


Guys Want WomenWhy Guys Want Women? Are you afraid that you are not suitable for a girlfriend?

It seems that men are only interested in you for a brief time.

These worries are common among people. It’s normal.

It’s easy to learn a bit about male psychology and what men are looking for in a woman.

Because I am also a man, I can speak with authority about what men desire in a girlfriend.

This article will discuss the ten most attractive traits men look for in a woman. I’ll also discuss traits men don’t like.

There is a lot of information to be covered, so let’s get going.

things men love about a womanTen things men love about a woman

1) Why Guys Want Women: Sexy femininity

  • Women like masculine, strong men. Men like feminine, sexy women.
  • In today’s society, the definition of femininity is often ambiguous. Many people mistakenly think that femininity is passive and pushy.
  • It couldn’t be farther from the truth.
  • Despite the shifting roles of men and women, there is one truth:
  • Femininity is the most important factor in attracting women to men.
  • Feminine is about embracing your sexual power.
  • Every man wants to be with a woman who has that strong feminine look: the kind of look that can stop a train.
  • Guys love it when she walks into a room confidently and everyone sees her.
  • It could be a look or a smile or your hair.
  • There’s something about you that makes a man stop and stare.
  • Find out what it is, and then find a way of highlighting it. He will always tell the same story.
  • “I couldn’t resist myself. “I stared at her as she entered the room.”
  • Isn’t this the story you want to tell about yourself?
  • Let’s just say this:
  • It’s all about being able to walk, sit, talk, and move with sexy confidence.
  • It’s all about flirting with that charming, seductive feminine beauty.
  • A woman who knows the power and value of her femininity is confident in her own self-worth does not need to be taken care of by a man and can recognize her worth.
  • This is the feminine kind of female that a man will love.

2) Why Guys Want Women: A sense of humour

It doesn’t matter what sexuality you choose, everyone is attracted to someone who makes them laugh.

This is true for both men and women.

Researchers have even discovered that men enjoy women who make fun of their jokes and can also make them laugh.

This goes beyond telling jokes. We are all not naturally witty.

It’s all about laughing together.

Spending time together is exciting, positive and fun when you can’t help laughing in synchronicity.

Men don’t like it when women use humor to make fun of themselves.

If you are unable to help it, don’t make fun of him by making jokes or teasing. This could have the opposite effect and turn him off.

You want him to laugh, not lower his self-confidence.

3. Why Guys Want Women: Confidence is a must

  • You must feel confident. Although you don’t need to be arrogant, you should know your body and what you want.
  • When you have your life together, it’s easy to allow guys into your life.
  • He wants you to love him, but not need him. There is a distinction. This is called being clingy.
  • The order keeps growing taller. But that doesn’t mean dating is easy.
  • Yes, you can be funny, confident, beautiful, girly, independent, and all of these things in one day.
  • Let’s just say this:
  • A person is more attractive if they feel comfortable in their skin.
  • These people are more relaxed and less sensitive than others.
  • A person who is open to themselves will experience less toxicity.
  • People around you will be happier if you’re content with who you are.
  • Confidence in your own abilities will make you more successful.
  • I talked about the feminine energy and confidence that men cannot get enough of.
  • A strong, independent woman who embraces her femininity is the definition if sexiness.
  • Men want to be challenged, despite what society might tell them. They seek a woman who will not be afraid to speak up and offend anyone they meet.
  • Be confident and be yourself if you want to attract a man’s attention. You will instantly be more attractive. It’s possible, I swear.

4) Why Guys Want Women: Be bold

Relationships should be enjoyable. It’s not a good idea to get involved in the same boring routine every time.

This is especially true for men. They are drawn to the thrill of trying new things and excitement.

adventurousTwo ways to be more adventurous are available:

1) Try new things. Hike on weekends. This is your favorite sport event. Open to new ideas and be open to any interest he may have.

2) Have fun in your everyday life. Have fun when you grocery shop. Add a little life to the situation. Open to learning from others. Any relationship will benefit from adding a little excitement and flair to it every day.

You might be avoiding things such as going outside on Saturday afternoons or driving by the mall on Saturday afternoons. It is time to expand your horizons and discover new adventures.

The bonus is that you will be so engaged in learning new things, you’ll forget about having a date.

The other benefit is that if you are too busy to think about finding a date you will almost always find one.

Guys love girls who go out and do their thing. All of it comes down to the feminine, confident qualities they seek in women.

5)Why Guys Want Women: Share your beautiful smile

It’s a fact that can’t be ignored. Men love a beautiful, sparkling smile.

Although you might believe that long eyelashes and a big lipstick will attract attention from a man, a smile can do so much more.

A big, happy smile not only shows confidence but also makes you seem happy, open, and friendly.

Men love excitement. We’ve just spoken about it. A big bright smile is what gives them the excitement they desire.

Research has shown that smiling faces are more attractive than those that are not.

There is nothing you can do about your smile or how it looks. However, you can make sure that you smile as often as you can.

A beautiful smile can make a difference. It’s up to you to use it.

6) Why Guys Want Women: Take care

Women tend to be more compassionate and empathic than men, so use this to your advantage.

According to research, men value a woman’s caring and kind side.

Men will be attracted to women who are able to care for them emotionally and take care of their children when they’re sick.

Women are excellent listeners and will be more open to listening if you make them feel at ease and emotional.

It’s not about how you treat your man; it’s also about how you treat his family and friends. You can also be friendly and kind to them.

Men who are like women are kind and polite to all they meet. This means that he will be more than happy to show you off when it is time.

If you’re going on your first date, you should be mindful of how you present. Some women have a natural, resting b*tch look that can be off-putting to some men.

You might try smiling more if that is the case. This will make you more friendly, open-minded, and likable.

Listen and make connections. When he is comfortable, he will begin to see your caring side and understand that you can trust him when he needs to let his emotions go.

7) Have fun and be playful

Who doesn’t like a comedian?

Why Guys Want Women? You may be wishing for a funny boyfriend right about now. But don’t let him have all the fun.

You might want to improve your sense of humor if your jokes have met with some criticisms in the past.

Why Guys Want Women? These guys love it. They are looking for a girl that can laugh with their friends and share a joke.

It’s not an easy task. You can look like a girl and laugh like a man. It’s no wonder that women abandon dating.

The truth is:

It is not a good idea to live with someone who takes everything too seriously. This can be exhausting and unsettling.

You are ready to show your laid-back, playful and fun side. Do not be afraid to share what you think about others.

Have fun, make jokes, and have fun with your partner.

Many men prefer a younger woman, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are more attractive to one who is older. Attitude is what I mean by youthfulness.

It’s also about making your child feel at ease and calm with you.

Isn’t it much more enjoyable to be around someone who doesn’t take everything so seriously?

It is, I believe. He will, too.

Why Guys Want Women If you feel you are not fun, don’t worry. This is just a quality of attitude that you should work on.

We all have our silly side!

8) Hear him

A girl who makes an effort to listen to her boyfriend is a good thing for him.

If he’s thinking of having you as his girlfriend then he should know that you are willing to listen.


There will be days when he just wants to come home and tell you all about the terrible day.

The tough guy persona is just for entertainment. You are a human being who needs a friend to listen to his stories.

Be intelligent9) Be intelligent

Your mind is valuable, and improving your mental ability and sharpness can be a desirable quality.

People no longer look down on bookworms. It’s all about being the complete package.

Demonstrate to others that you are interested in learning new things and that you have hobbies.

You can explore parts of the globe that are not related to sexiness, romance, or dating. It will prove to your potential partners that you have more depth than they think.

Passion is the key to intelligence. It’s always attractive to show that passion for the world.

10) Live your life, and be yourself.

  • Guys desire a girl who is independent, who pursues her interests and who follows her own rules.
  • Guys don’t want girls that are clingy, needy, drama queens, or always in the middle a chaotic episode.
  • Also, men want girls who are stable and able to be themselves.
  • You must first have a good life to be able to date a quality man.
  • If you are finding yourself in a relationship with boring and uninteresting people, you should reconsider what you’re doing to attract them.
  • One study actually had 978 participants fill out questionnaires to find out if their perceptions of themselves are related to their values in dating.
  • People prefer to date people whose characteristics closely match theirs.
  • Maria, a psychologist. Maria T Cohen says that this means that people looking for partners should encourage others to search for someone similar to them, as this can lead to stable and satisfying relationships.
  • It’s not exactly what you expected from an advice column but it’s the truth.

You want a man who is organized and has his act together.

11) Create your own routine with your friends

He won’t like it if your whole schedule is open at all times.

Our society uses expressions such as “playing hard for what”, “you don’t know what you have ’till it’s gone”, and “absence makes your heart grow fonder”.

It can be more attractive to make something scarce, or hard to get, in order to make it more valuable.

What is the solution?

Be consistent with your responsibilities.

You should not be with your partner all the time.

It’s a great feeling for guys to have girls around.

They can live the life they desire and still have you. It sounds selfish, but they are able to have the life they desire.

12. It’s important to be friends.

Get at least one adult friend if you aren’t looking for a date.

Before you go out with a guy, get a friend.

You don’t want someone in your life who is romantically tied to you. Why Guys Want Women?

It’s important to have someone to entertain, advise, and love you.

You don’t have to borrow a friend’s phone if you already have friends.

Five things that men hate about a girl

1) Arrogance

While confidence is important, sometimes it can be easy to become arrogant. Arrogance is not something that anyone finds attractive.

You need to know the line between arrogance and confidence. Arrogance can make someone selfish, narcissistic and self-absorbed.

This is not the kind of woman men want to be with.


They won’t feel loved and supported, and they won’t trust you.

What does this mean?

They won’t be able to introduce you to any of their family members or friends. They don’t want toxic energy in their lives!

Remember that empathy and caring are two of the greatest qualities of a feminine woman. In your quest for confidence, don’t forget that.

A man would rather date a woman who is confident, laid-back and open to trying new things. However, someone who is arrogant is not likely to have these qualities.

You need to understand why you seem arrogant if you have been told by others.

It’s possible that your facial expressions need to be adjusted even if this is not the case.

You can learn more about how other people perceive you and help you understand what works.

2) Bitchy-type qualities

You should stop acting like a sexy bitch when you communicate with your man.

A bitch is something that everyone doesn’t like, especially one that is outright nasty.

Men want to be proud of their woman, so a bitch won’t be the one they choose to call their girlfriend.

He will want to feel that he can work with you, not fight.

It’s okay to be irritable about others, but not too often.

He might start to think you are a full-fledged bitch who will not stop grabbing him behind the back whenever you have the chance.

Be mindful of how you speak with your man, and stop making negative comments about others.

Be positive and kind to others. Don’t judge. You’ll make him feel more at ease, and he will be more attracted towards you.

No one, in the end, wants to be with a bad guy, so make sure that you are not one.

3) Guys who act like girls and are like girls

Let’s start with the important conversations: dressing up as a girl and wearing pink clothes won’t make you less of an adult.

You don’t have to abandon your feminist values just because men like girls who dress and act like girls.

You could try men if you are looking for a date but are struggling to find one.

Are you competitive with them, or do you want to be with them?

Feminism is often confused with independence. Women don’t understand how one can be independent and strong while still being strong and confident. But it is possible.

If you ask men what they want in women, they prefer girls who act like girls, not girls who want to be men.

4) Too needy

  • You can want to be noticed by your man but not too much.
  • Too controlling can also be a sign of being too dependent.
  • If you ask anyone who has been in a happy relationship, they will tell you that it is crucial for each person to have their own life.
  • If you rely on him for your happiness, that’s not a good position.
  • He may feel he doesn’t have enough freedom and can feel under pressure.
  • This is why some men act out of nowhere.
  • You must be responsible for your life and your goals. Do not try to get his attention constantly. Expect a text message every other hour from him.
  • Try to allow him to have the freedom to live his life and yours. This will make you more attractive to him and reduce the pressure.
  • It is important to remember that balance is essential.
  • Why?
  • He wants you to be able to trust him without feeling dependent. He wants to know that you are a person who needs him and is a pleasure to be with.
  • This is possible without being too attached. You can do this by being mindful of how you interact with others and the conversations that you have.
  • Tell him how you feel. Kiss him. Lean into him. Although guys pretend they don’t like this stuff, they still want to be loved in the same way that women do. They just find it harder to say this.

5) A lack of ambition

Have you ever been with a man lacking ambition?

  1. He appears lazy and doesn’t seem to care about anything.
  2. It is so frustrating!
  3. It’s the exact same for men.
  4. It is simple:
  5. Attractive people are those who have drive and purpose in their lives.
  6. Although you don’t need to be extremely ambitious, it is important that you are passionate about what you do.
  7. This is the most important thing. When you speak about your passion, he will be drawn to it. You won’t be bored, either.
  8. It’s important that both partners grow in a relationship.
  9. Relationships that are motivated by each other to achieve their goals are the most successful.
  10. Growth is a part of life. You will be more attractive to your target man if you strive to grow.
  11. Guys want a girl who is independent, who pursues her interests and who follows her own rules.
  12. Guys don’t want girls that are clingy, needy, drama queens, or always in the middle a chaotic episode. Also, men want girls who are stable and have their lives in order.

6) Being dishonest

Do not lie if you are tempted to appear more attractive.

Research suggests that both men and women are turned off by dishonesty.

We enjoy being around people who are open to accepting themselves as they are, and don’t try too hard to be something they’re not.

He can’t trust you if your dishonesty is reflected in your lies.

Trust is an essential quality of any relationship. If you are dishonest, you’re already starting to damage your relationship.

Tell the truth. Do not try to pretend you are someone else. You’ll find he will enjoy being around you more.

7) Unrealistic Expectations

Each relationship has its own way of doing things. It takes time to create routines and habits.

Be realistic about your expectations of each other and honest about what you want and need.

Even if he cannot give it to me, he wants you to be happy and get what you want.

Honesty and realistic expectations of what you can offer and receive will help ensure that no one is disappointed by things beyond your control.


It’s not logical to make changes for the benefit of another man. You can’t have a relationship that you don’t want to end.

Be yourself instead. Be kind to yourself. Show him how amazing you are.

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